1.12 ic2 oled Arduino library

Hi, I just bought the 1.12 ic2 oled display. It says it is compatible with Raspberry Pi and Arduino but I can’t find any info for the Arduino.

Can you tell me what library is best please ?

Looking at the install instructions it appears to be an SH1106 OLED.
maybe this will help
Alternatively do a search for SH1106 OLED arduino library.

The data sheet says it’s an SH1107

Ok, I went here, https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/1-12-oled-breakout?variant=29421050757203
And noticed
With the I2C version, you can run an example like so: python3 maze.py --display sh1106 --height 128 --rotate 2 --interface i2c
In the software install section.
So have a search for an SH1107 Arduino library and see if it works…

Thanks. I won’t have much time over the next couple of weeks so I’ll test it with the Pi version and try the Arduino at some point.