12.1 inch screen question


Can you confirm if the 12.1" LCD screen has a screen protector covering it or not?

It certainly ‘looks’ like there is a protector on it but it seems pretty well glued on. Seems to be 2 separate covers, one for the screen and one for the outside edge.

Can you clarify this with the supplier?


Could you drop us a photo showing the layers? I’m slightly intrigued by the description…

I think you should be careful with this, from the specs I can tell that there is a resistive touch control layer. you shouldn’t remove this thing unless you have no plans of using that feature. may I ask where did you get your 12.1 I really want one but it seems out of stock all the time :(

I Got the 12.1 Inch screen from Pimoroni (signed up to stock alerts as they are hard to get hold of).

Please see the pics attached.

That is the touch overlay - it’s best not to remove it!

We are looking at a new 12" screen option that should have better availability - more info soon!

Ok Cheers. Didn’t even know it was touch screen!