4x4 van gearbox controller - Noob project

Hi guys,
Not sure of its been used for something like this before but i need something in my van tho work the 4WD gearbox functions and initialy id thought of using a small mitubishi PLC but having done my research that wont work as im not dealing with digital input signals. But I’ve stumbled across the trinket and it seams like the perfect little item for my project but i am going to need some assistance from those that know more than I…

So… Im trying to convert my van to 4wd. ( I have my reasons) now the phisical part of puting the mechanicals into the van are not an issue, thats what i do for a job, i fix machinery and make things out of metal.

What i have is:

  1. A mode switch which has a resistance ladder between the input and output.
  2. A selector motor which also apears to have a resistance ladder to indicate its position.
  3. I would also like to have a signal light to give a visual indication of which mode the gearbox is in, for example 2wheel drive high(2WH) or 4wheel drive high(4WH) or 4wheel drive low.(4WL)

So I need to replicate what the original vehicle does through its onboard PCM(powertrain control module) but only for the one circuit.

I will post more infor as soon as i can but feel free to ask more questions and im looking forward to any advice that i recieve.