A question about cooling with the Picade

Hello. I’ve been very interested in the Picade. From what I hear, the Pi 4 gets pretty hot. This wouldn’t usually be a problem since there is a plethora of fans and heat sinks available for it, but the Picade has it’s X HAT on it. I’ve read that you can use a booster header to get the fan shim to fit on there, but I’ve also read that installing the drivers for it will cause the Picade’s audio to not work. That part isn’t really an issue as I would prefer the fan to always be running anyhow. However, I saw a post that said you even have to modify the fan shim to get it working 100% correctly. It also appears that if you use the booster header, the X Hat will rise (obviously) and will no longer correctly align with the back cover. Is there a good way to cool the Picade? I’m already on edge about purchasing it because of the price of it and posts on this forum talking about bleeding displays and awful instructions, but having no proper way to cool it easily would be my breaking point.

It doesn’t get that hot, even without a fan. I have the Picade running 24/7 and game on it about 1 hour a day, sometimes running Dreamcast games. I never noticed the temps reaching 70 degrees, and the inside of the case never gets hot. I did stick on a low profile copper heat sink to the cpu, but that’s it. No need for a fan. I power the Picade with the official raspberry pi adapter, and power the 8 inch display separately using an old 1amp Apple phone charging brick.

i used a hedda pin riser and standoff to raise hat to fit heatsink and cooling fan to the pins in front of c usb on picade hat and use the usb c on raspberry pi 4 for powering unit

Do you have any pictures of this?

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yes its on cooling my picade thread