Adafruit Sequins


Please can someone help me. I want to sew 15 Adafruit sequins onto a skirt using conductive thread. This is what I have so far:

Adafruit LED Sequins - Pack of 5 ADA1758
Conductive Thread (Thin) - 50’ DEV-10118 - is this the right thread?

Can someone help me please (first project and not sure what to do) how many coin batteries do I need to make them as bright as possible, and can I use these ones: 2032 coin cells or do I need different ones. I really wanted to buy this: 2x2032 Coin Cell Battery Holder-6V output with On/Off switch but Pimorini are out of stock - what can I use instead?

Essentially I want to sew the sequins on, connect some power, and turn them on/ off. Can someone please give me a kit list?

Thanks in advance for helping!


Hi Tamara,

the thread is right, you could also use a thicker one as it will have less resistance (or wires, they have even less resistance ;))

I can recommend this thread for using with sequins:

the Adafruits Sequins need a stable current between 3 and 6 Volts.
To make them as bright as possible you should use a 6 Volts power supply.
The 2x2032 Coin Cell Holder would be ideal. You could also just one Coin Cell but it wouldn’t very bright.

You could also use any other Battery holder that gives 3-6 Volts for example this one:

Or you can use a recharchable Lipo Battery in combination with a PowerBoost.
You’ll just have to attach the battery to the powerboost and sew the sequels to the big + and - holes. You can recharge the Battery by attaching it into a USB.

Adafruit made a great tutorial on how to use the sequins with a coins cell battery pack:

And here’s another great one on conductive thread:

Hope that clears the mist ;)
Let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

Ah Steffen!

You’re amazing thank you so much! I’m sorry I’m so late to reply I’ve just got to my laptop now. I will order those bits and test at the weekend. So excited to make my skirt!

Best wishes


I’m sorry Steffen, just one last question please! Do I need 6v per sequin, so for 15 sequins I need 15x2 coin cell battery packs? Or do I just need 3x 2 coin cell battery packs as Adafruit says you can run 5 sequins in a line - but will they be as bright with 5 running off 2 coin cells? I’m sorry this is probably a really silly question!

Hey Tamara,

sorry for the delay! ;)

you’ll only need 2x Coin Cells for 5 sequins in a row, actually i think you can also try to get more in a row, you’ll have to try a little bit which configuration you like the most, also the length of the conductive thread will change the brightness.

Happy Hacking,

Hey Steffen!

I’m sorry, I was making the skirt for a festival and then I went to said festival! I’m back now. Thank you so much for your help - it all worked perfectly. I now need to perfect my design! I can share a video of it on social for Pimorini if you would like?

Best wishes


Hey Tamara,

took me also some time again, hehe ;)

Great! Yes, I would love to see it! twitter, facebook, or to
I’m excited to see it in action!

Just helped a friend of mine this week to make jackets for a couple thats going to Burningman with plenty of EL Wires on, maybe i can get some pictures too ;)

Have a great Weekend!