Airplay with Pirate Audio Line Out


I’m using a Synology NAS as a music server and a bunch of Raspberry Pi as Media renderers. This works well when I install umpdcli on every Raspberry and I can stream different music tracks on each Raspberry.

What I can’t do with umpdcli is stream the same music track to every Raspberry.

I experimented with Shairport-sync and my NAS can stream the same track to all Raspberry Pi, but I lose the ability to display the tracks and cover on the screen.

Any idea, solution or pointer would be greatly appreciated.

A radical alternative would be to do it with a different software package.
Logitech Media Server for the server part and piCorePlayer or similar for the renderers.
LMS includes the ability to drive the players in synchronised groups … and has lots of plugins to provide stacks of additional functionality.

See for lots of active discussions.

Thank you for your suggestion. Had a look at it but looks like it will not allow me to display track and album cover on the pirate audio line-out screen, which is what I’m aiming for. Or am I mistaken? I must add that my knowledge of Python is quite limited.

Is it the same as …

Take a look at - with pictures …
It is a bit of a hack but the steps undertaken are shown and I expect it will make its way into pCP as part of the standard offering.

Example screenshots - by Squeezebox user “chill” who did the customisation !

The buttons work as well.