Android app to control devices over Bluetooth

In my day job I work primarily as a c# WPF developer and have been occasionally playing about with Xamarin which allows you to write multiplatform mobile apps in c#.

Anyway I always wanted to put an app on the google play store and finally got round to making something I felt was worth putting on there.

I decided to write my own Bluetooth controller app as both a way of getting better with Xamarin and making something I could publish to the store.

I decided on one of these apps because the ones I have installed and used are generally a bit clunky, have ads or just don’t do what I wanted them to.

So assuming that you have paired a Bluetooth device with your phone (I used HC-06 modules on Arduino and PI) you can then send predefined commands to it or a message you have typed in.

I use the app mainly to drive robots around but you can use it to control anything that’s listening for the commands you send.

The app is multi platform but I am not paying to deploy to the Apple Store (sorry!)

Here is the link to it on the google play store

Note: The app is free and AD free.

I have just updated it to version 1.2 so if you want to give it a go you might want to wait till that version appears on the play store (its probably already there) as I made major changes to the threading of the app to make it always responsive.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for new features let me know.

My two main ideas I am thinking of at the moment are a remote control for the pirate radio (adding a new page with media controls) and adding the ability to link to a raspberry pi cam feed.

Here are a few screenshots of the app