Any further development of the flotilla platform?

I have a flotilla mega set that I have been using for a while for a few little project.

I am a little disappointed that does not seem to be any further development the platform. I tried to get it working on raspbian buster but the installed gave an error (sorry can remember what is was) and did no install.

Are there any plans to develop this platform further? I know there were plans have these been forgotten.


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Please can we get a response from the pimoroni team regarding this. I love the flotilla platform but without support for the latest operating systems etc it will quickly die.

I know there are hacks to get it working but it was built on the premise of easy to use and get up and running quickly and easily. Which currently it is not.

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I’d sure like to use Flotilla more often. A Scratch 3.0 extension for Flotilla would really give the platform a boost!