Audio In


Anyone have good suggestions for capturing audio in ?

Thanks in advance.


What sort of audio source? From a microphone?


Yes a mic, I would like to record and have playback.


A USB microphone is probably the best (only?) option. You can record the audio with Alsa as described in this Stack Overflow answer below.

How to use the usb microphone from the pimoroni store?

Thanks for reply. I am trying to find something other than usb. Trying to keep a small foot print if possible .


A small USB microphone is probably as small a footprint as you could get. The alternative is an analogue microphone and an additional ADC to convert the analog signal from the microphone to a digital one that can be understood by the Pi, but you’ll struggle to sample quickly enough to get decent quality.

It’s up to you, really. I always tend to go with the solution with the least friction which, in this case, is probably a small USB microphone.


Analog mic through a DAC
Bluetooth mic - usually desktop unit with speaker too
Radio mic?



Thanks for the reply. I have usb working, most mic set ups seems to large form factor for what I am doing. I am learning ADC using 12, 16, bit chips with mems and electorate mics. Be great if the Phat dac had ins on it.

Thanks again.