Automation Hat on Jetson TX2

I have an application that requires control over SSR with the Jeston TX2. This NVIDIA module has a 40 pin head-out with the same configuration as the Raspberry 4. I tried to install the automation hat with curl but it wont let me as the device is not supported, then I tried to install the automationhat python library, but when trying to import it wont let me as it says that will only work with raspberry pi.
I was wondering if there is a way to use it with the Jetson TX2, like establishing a raw I2C connection with a different library and send the commands needed to turn on the relays and so.

The pinout is here

You may be able to control the relays simply by pulling the relevant GPIO pin low. I don’t think they interface via i2c? It’s just the ADC and LED controller that use i2c.
Schematic is here.

For the I2C devices you can write your own libraries for controlling them, in Python this is usually done with the smbus module. Unfortunately the doumentation for that is pretty spotty but as far as I remember smbus2 is more or less identical.

Aside from that you’ll need the datasheets for the devices from the manufacturers, which you can usually find quickly enough by just Googling the device name.