Bearables fox badge only works while pressing on it


I bought a friend this product for Christmas

I’m a bit disappointed with it as they are having issue after issue with it.
The battery came dead which isn’t a big deal just inconvenient.

They now have a new battery but have found they need to press and hold on the foxes nose for the badge to work.

The battery itself has a snug fit in the holder but can’t figure out what else could be causing this.

Any help would be appreciated


Thats a bummer for sure. No pictures of the back side on the product page so not sure what’s wrong? Sounds like there is a cold solder joint or lifted contact?
If you go to the main Shop page, there is a contact use link at the bottom of the page. Click that and e-mail Pimoroni directly for a quick response. Put a link to this thread in the e-mail as well and see what they say.
Sounds like a manufacturing defect or it got broken in transit to me.

I have this item ,just not assembled yet ,grandchildren still to young , but i do remember reading something that could cause this ,this from the device notes,

  • Ensure that the two pieces of conductive thread connecting your Bearables badge and sensor do not touch, bearing (pun intended) in mind that they may touch when the fabric is creased or folded. Nothing bad will happen, the sensor just won’t work as it should.