Black Hat HACK3R what font did you use for the name on the board?

I want to make a laser cut board for two of these that I have purchased from you and engrave the name on the board. To make it look good I would like to put the same font on the board. I will put photos on the forum when I’m finished.

Hello Plantgrower,

cool idea! it must have been this font:

I’m excited to see the final results! ;)

Happy Engraving,

I had a search for the font and came up with the White Rabbit font. The ubuntu title font doesn’t seem to have an uppercase. I haven’t got around to finishing the project yet, I’ve been busy with other stuff.


I can totally imagine @guru using a font titled Write Rabbit. Good find!

I had access to the original AI file for the Silkscreen, but the font was vectorised so I couldn’t tell what it was. Sorry!