BME680 Pressure Wrong


New to forums but mid experience RPi user. I recently got the BME680 sensor, the sensor works fine but the pressure is off by about 500-600 hPa (readings are around 1600 hPa, which is higher than should be). I am on a Pi4 4GB. Do you have any ideas for troubleshooting? Many thanks!


Higher than should be “compared to what”?
What altitude you are at relative to sea level affects what readings you get.
If the source your comparing your reading too, is at a different altitude from you, you have to compensate for the difference.

Thanks for response. Yes I am aware of this. At my altitude of ~ 100 m my pressure should be ~1000 hPa (weather system dependent), but the bme680 reads ~1600 hPa, which would be an altitude of around negative 4000 m.

Ok, assuming your correcting correctly, I don’t know what to tell you.

OK, no worries! Thanks for your time.