Booting to desktop using NVMe

I recently installed the NVMe Base with a Crucial P3 Plus, went through all the setup and got it working after installing the latest eeprom from github.
I’ve had the pi booting to the desktop on first launch, but stuck after the first reboot. If I plug in an SD card with a fresh image it boots that image and shows the desktop. What Ive got now when I turn on the power is the led turns green, the fan starts and I see the bootloader text on screen with 4 raspberries at the top. After the text finishes scrolling the screen turns black but the monitor doesn’t complain about signal loss, it just sits there.
I’m using the official 27W power supply.
I can ssh to the pi and change config.txt or run raspi-config fine, I just cant see the desktop. Any ideas or help?


You migth want to set the boot order using sudo raspy-config iunder Advanced Settings to do NVMe first.

If you can ssh into the system, you can run things like ps -ef to see if the graphical environment is running. You can also check the logs, e.g. with sudo journalctl -b.

Yes, I can ssh to the device so it’s booting, I just don’t see the desktop GUI. With sudo journalctl -b what am I looking for?

The OS is brand new, I just flashed a clean install on the NVMe so there hasn’t been any messing about with configs really. Everything worked great the first time but after rebooting it just shows the bootloader text and then drops to a blank screen.

Even if I select boot to console from raspi-config I don’t see the command prompt on screen either, same thing, white text then blank screen.

I have set via raspi-config to boot directly to console rather than desktop and removed the following line from the config.txt file: dtoverlay=vc4-kms-v3d. Doing this I can see the prompt on the monitor and still ssh into it but there is no GUI or desktop. If I change to boot to desktop I’m back to the blank screen again.