Breakout Garden does not recognise SGP30 Air Quality Sensor

Hi all,

I’m currently using a Raspberry Pi 4 along with the 6 slot breakout garden to produce an environmental sensor.

The sensors I have plugged into the garden are:

BME680 Air Weather Sensor
LTR-559 Light and Proximity Sensor
ICM20948 9DoF Motion Sensor
SGP30 Air Quality Sensor

Of all the sensors connected, SGP30 is not detected by the breakout-garden. I have tried 2 seperate sgp30 sensors and neither are recognised, regardless of which slot they are placed in.

Upon inspection of the breakout-garden files, breakouts.config does not contain a config for the SGP30 sensor. Can I add the sensor to the config file and if so how would I go about that?

I would just run its installer
sudo pip install sgp30
or even
sudo pip3 install sgp30
and see if it then shows up.

Have you checked all the i2c addresses to make sure no two are identical?