Button problem / New Picade X Hat broken?

Hi all,

Two days ago i bought a Picade 10 inch screen model and it was a lot of fun to build! When all was done and i started to map the buttons (RetroPie 4.6) i noticed that button 3, 4, 1UP and Coin did not work. I then rewired all the buttons that did not work to button 1 on the Picade X Hat and they did respond after that, so the buttons and wires are not the problem. I managed to get 1UP and Coin to work when i did not push the connector on the Picad X Hat down all the way for these buttons. Thats weird, isn’t it?

My conclusion is that i got a Picade X Hat with some busted button connectors in my package. Or do anyone have any suggestions to what might be wrong?

If the Picade Hat is broken, what can i do about it? I did not bought this from Pimoroni’s website. The strore that i bought it from do not have new Picade X Hat’s to by separately.

Must i buy a new one?

Any help is appreciated! :)


Magnus Ardhammar / Sweden

(Here is a picture on how the connectors for 1UP and Coin must be to work)

From the photo it looks like the XHAT isn’t pushed down far enough onto the PI. That could explain the weird behaviour.

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@mironc Those Surface Mount headers are only about half as deep as the through hole solder on ones. It’s normal to see part of the male pins exposed like that. Can’t hurt to make sure its firmly on though.

What’s going on with the button header I don’t know though?

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I gave the XHAT an extra push and it came down a little bit more and sure enough - it fixed the problem! Sorry for being a noob, it was scary to put so much force to the pi and XHAT. One more lesson learned.

Thanks all!

That’s good to know. Game On. =)

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