Bypassing monitor on/off switch

I am building my 2 person arcade machine and just discovered that the monitor that I was going to install gets stuck in power saver mode and I can’t get it to work. (read that it might be a board capacitor issue but I’ll leave that for another day)

So I just bought another monitor LG E2050 at my local charity shop and it works like a treat.
Except… I have to separately press the monitor on/off button to get it to start which is a bit of a pain.
I want the monitor to start as soon as I turn on the power to the machine.

I have taken the monitor bezel off and as usual, there is a panel of microswitches that sit just behind the bezel that are activated by pressing the casing. When I disconnect the cable to the panel, the monitor will not turn on.

All I want to do is bypass the on/off switch and have it permanently on. Can’t find out how to do this.

Any ideas?