Can use Enviro+ with PMS5003 and phat stack

Good Morning People!

I have a tricky question.
I have Enviro+ with PMS5003 (not Enviro phat) and I would like to buy phat stack.
Can use it Enviro+ with phat stack ?
I check page phatstack configuration but it does not have Enviro+ :(
Configuration I want is:
Enviro+ with PMS
Unicorn HD

Thanks for you help !

You’ll have to manually compare the pinouts for conflicts. I see lots of conflicts between the Enviro+ and the other two. The Unicorn HD should work with the pHat Beat OK, neither one will work with the Enviro though, from what I’m seeing.

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First, thanks for response and sorry. I should scan this website for individual board.
That site is great.

Well , I bought stuff already as Pimoroni has promotion but I have a spare Raspberry Pi (Kano) to use for this then :) (I working on sensor tower right now)

Thank you one more time and have a great weekend!

No problem, your welcome. That pinout site comes in very handy.

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