Can't get the vertical line | to type on my Pi Zero W. Wanting both mouse and keyboard to work at the same time also

I’m trying to install the Blinkt! software on my recently purchased Pi Zero W Starter Kit terminal. My keyboard doesn’t allow me for some reason to type this line |. I’ve tried changing to different US and UK keyboards in the settings. Also, whats the best way to run both a mouse and keyboard at the same time on a Pi Zero? Your help is much appreciated.

I use this on my Pi Zero’s,
Press the physical | key on the keyboard and note what character actually shows up. Then go and press that key on your keyboard and see if you get the |. For me the @ and " get swapped if I leave it at the default UK keyboard layout. Switching it to US fixes it though. If your SSHing in you can’t change the keyboard layout, it has to be a physical keyboard attached to the Pi.

Another option would be to follow our headless Pi tutorial and then SSH into it from your laptop/desktop, and then copy and paste the command into the terminal on your laptop/desktop.