Changing manufacturer and device name for Keybow?

I’ve been experimenting with the Keybow a bit, trying to determine what scan codes are being sent, and noticed that the device identifies itself as a “Bar Gadget” from manufacturer “Foo Inc.” It looks like these are default / placeholder names in various examples in the Keybow firmware source repo. In the source I do see correct manufacturer and product strings (“Pimoroni” / “Keybow”) but they doesn’t show up in my USB devices list.

Call me finicky, but I’d prefer to see the real name! Do I just need to update firmware?

I think they did fix that in one of the newer releases. Mine shows up as Pimoroni, Keybow. It did used to appear as you describe.

You’re right - an upgrade to the current firmware (0.0.4, I believe) did the trick. No more Foo Inc. Thanks, monglet!