Collection of orders

Hi I’d like to collect an order as Iive down the road and will be passing your warehouse. I cannot see an option to collect when going through checkout. Is there a way to do this please? Thanks

They have an aswer for that in their FAQ:

Can I collect my order?

We can usually organise collection of online orders from our warehouse (providing you give us a few hours notice to get it ready). We’ll refund the postage when the order is collected.

Place your order online as usual and then send us an email at letting us know the order number so that we can intercept it. Please wait for confirmation that it’s ready before you come to collect!

We may not be able to arrange collections at busy periods.

I’ve also just noticed that in their shipping information page that they don’t ship to Magrathea, though I imagine the Magratheans have much more fancy tech anyway…

EDIT: they also don’t ship to the Gardens of Isengard, which is probably a good thing.

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