COM3208 Light Strip

Is there a reason the manufacturer chose to fit the JST SM plug on the inbound side of it instead of the outbound. Isn’t it standard electrical practice to have the plug on the power supply so you can’t touch the pins carrying the electrical current.

This means it’s not trully 1:1 compatible with Dotstar strips who correctly use sockets on their inbound side.

Now I see why they are cheaper than the dotstar, they are 2 * 50cm strips soldered together without wire. it only half lights up unless you push down on the solder join. BTW i’m not blaming you guys, I’ve never had a faulty product from you ever but not sure that’s 2 strips should be joined that way, not without a small internal brace so it doesn’t bend at the solder join. Not an overall pleasant experience, between recrimping and finding out it’s a dud.