Conflicts between 2 x Pimoroni Player X USB Games Controllers

I have made a 2 player arcade table out of an Ikea LACK coffee table. It is running Retropie on a Pi 4 (installed from source) and uses 2 x Pimoroni Player X USB Games Controller PCB to connect the controls via USB. When I plug only one of the Player X boards in then everything works fine, but if I plug both in at once then it seems to cause conflicts with a number of buttons for either player not working (especially the start, coin, esc buttons, but others also. Is this a known issue and is there a work-around?

Have you managed to run a joystick test utility on the joysticks to see if they’re working independently? sudo apt install jstest-gtk and run jstest /dev/input/js0 and jstest /dev/input/js1 to test them both.

IIRC all buttons are mapped to the Gamepad except power, so they should not conflict.

Hi… if you didn’t change the mapping for esc/enter and volume mappings when you reconfigured one of the PCB’s to be a gamepad, these buttons are still seen as keyboard presses, so if you configure them both as gamepads but leave those side buttons as esc/enter/volume those buttons will be behave in the same way as they already do? Not really sure how to explain it, and your config might be completely different to what i’m thinking.

wiring This is how I have wired it up. The Esc/Enter keys (and buttons 7 and 8) are only connected to player 1, and these are left unmapped for player 2 in the “Configure Input” menu.

The Player X boards are pre-configured from Pimoroni as gamepads by default.

Thanks gadgetoid - after installing and running the utility both sets of controls are now working fine together. I have no idea why this fixed it but it did.