Cycling stats projected on the Inky Impression

Well here it is. I’ve been working on this quite some time now, but it finally has come together.

This is an Inky Impression display on a Raspberry Pi 3B (or 3B+, I forgot). It retrieves my cycling data from the Strava API and projects the statistics. The background is an image I generated with Stable Diffusion (a text-to-image algorithm) and outpainted with Dall E-2 (another text-to-image algorithm). My father made the wooden frame.

I have prepared a series of blogposts on how I made this - start to finish. Because I’m going to share this with the cycling community it will include the basics, like how to prep your Raspberry Pi, how to use Visual Studio Code to remote SSH to the Pi and how to access the Strava API. Coming soon. I will share links to my blogposts.

The code is already on Github.

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Nice. I assume you run this with a systemd-timer (or crontab or whatever) to update the display in regular intervals?

I set crontab to run every hour. And I’ve changed the code so that it randomly picks a different background image every time it runs.