DFRobot 2.8


I would like to buy a DFRobot 2.8 TouchScreen because of the USB interface. However I would love to know if will work as a second monitor. I.e., if you I will be able to plug a general display via hmdi and the touch via usb and with that setup I will be able to use arrangements such as monitor mirroring, multiple monitor, etc.

Thanks for your attention. I look forward to anyone’s help.

H Marks


I don’t have one of those, but AFAIK you’ll only be able to set one display to handle the console and the other the X environment. I think mirroring is not too difficult to achieve either, but takes a bit of hacking.

These however are general rules I’ve come to accept as what to expect managing multiple framebuffer devices… not sure if that applies to this display specifically. Maybe @gadgetoid will know?


I’ve successfully got the official touchscreen and 2.8 touchscreen working together- and I see no reason why the same isn’t possible with HDMI. The configuration process is so incredibly painful, however, that it’s not something I’d attempt in a hurry.

It’s also low resolution enough that it’s basically totally useless as an X desktop. It’s really best served displaying output from programs that support direct framebuffer writes- those might be your own Python GUI apps, or something else.

From my recollection, the desktops weren’t “extended” like you’d expect- an app started on one display couldn’t be moved to the other, and starting apps on the 2.8" screen was an exercise in frustration.


Thanks so much for the replies. Anyway what I really want is to have the DFRobot 2.8 as the “controller”, i.e., a display with very simple “menus”, and the other, whatever it might be, with the content.

Just one more question: does any of you know if I will be able to use it with Linux but in an intel stick setup? I already am aware of some of the repos with several drivers but, still, I am not sure if this is a workable scenario.

Thanks again.