Digital Zoetrope - 12 screens of OLED madness and a Raspberry Pi


Thought I would share my current project, a digital zoetrope. It is basically 12 OLED displays driven by a Raspberry Pi, that hopefully can be updated while the zoetrope is spinning, therefore be able to play back full length film! The short clip is the proof that this may be possible. I have ported the Adafruit Arduino code, and am able to update the screen in about 0.03 of a second. The slow wipe of the green is the ported Adafruit wipe screen function, the small white line is about 4 pixels across and the final screen update is write directly to the screen’s memory.

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You are bonkers, but this is an awesome idea! I’d love to see it running “in the flesh” so to speak.

Is the 0.03/sec for a single screen, or all of the 12 OLED displays in rotation?

The 0.03/sec is for a single screen update, hoping for 12 frames/sec playback. There will be a demo running at least 3 screens at the Raspberry Pi birthday bash, along with my “Naughty or Nice” machine, the Easter Bunny, loads of my other projects too. I plan to have it working for the Newcastle Maker faire.

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