Display HAT mini buttons?

I tried to get the buttons working, but had no luck.

Compiling works with no errors, but I get no answers from the buttons.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-06 um 21.50.22


#include <iostream>		// Include all needed libraries here
#include <wiringPi.h>
#include <stdio.h>

using namespace std;		// No need to keep using “std”

int main(void)
printf("Initialising WiringPi...\n");
wiringPiSetup();			// Setup the library

const int A_PIN = 5;
const int B_PIN = 6;
const int X_PIN = 16;
const int Y_PIN = 24;
const int R_LED = 17;
const int G_LED = 27;
const int B_LED = 22;
printf("Setting Pin Mode to Inputs...\n");
// Read input on this pin
pinMode(A_PIN, INPUT);
pullUpDnControl (A_PIN, PUD_UP) ;
printf("A_PIN ok\n");
pinMode(B_PIN, INPUT);
pullUpDnControl (B_PIN, PUD_UP) ;
printf("B_PIN ok\n");
pinMode(X_PIN, INPUT);
pullUpDnControl (X_PIN, PUD_UP) ;
printf("X_PIN ok\n");
pinMode(Y_PIN, INPUT);
pullUpDnControl (Y_PIN, PUD_UP) ;
printf("Y_PIN ok\n");
printf("Setting Pin Mode to Outputs...\n");
pinMode(R_LED, OUTPUT);
pinMode(G_LED, OUTPUT);
pinMode(B_LED, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(R_LED, 0);
digitalWrite(G_LED, 0);
digitalWrite(B_LED, 0);
// Main program loop
	// Button is pressed if digitalRead returns 0
	if(digitalRead(A_PIN) == 1) {printf("A ");}
	if(digitalRead(B_PIN) == 1) {printf("B ");}
	if(digitalRead(X_PIN) == 1) {printf("X ");}
	if(digitalRead(Y_PIN) == 1) {printf("Y ");}
	return 0;

I start the program with sudo ./button.
Can anyone give me a hint what I’m doing wrong?
I’m using cpp because I want to use the buttons of the display hat with the examples of the thermal camera.