Display HAT Mini Question

I am considering a Display HAT Mini for a project but have a few questions.

  1. Can it be powered up permanently with no ill effects?
  2. What is the power consumption?
  3. Can it be connected via cable rather than straight on to GPIO? If so is the cable included or would I need to order separately?
  1. This is no OLED, so I would say yes.
  2. I don’t have this one, but I use similar ones. They are all in the range from 2mA - 60mA (depending on the backlight). Since this is a display for a Pi, I would not worry about power-consumption. Even the Pi-0 will have an idle consumption of 90-100mA. If you are running on batteries, the Pi is not an optimal basis anyhow. Otherwise, it just does not matter.
  3. You can use cables (not included). One option is to take a look at the pinout and only connect the necessary pins. The other option is to buy a female-male 40-pin extension cable, something like GPIO Ribbon Extension Cable for HATs and Mini HATs

One problem with the extension cables is their size. They are stiff and take up a lot of space. But they do give you a robust connection.

Thank you that is helpful.