Display-o-tron 3000 ello world

Hi, just received my first pi, the 3, with a lovely display-o-tron 3000, set the whole lot up and ran the sample “Hello World” code which for some reason outputs “ello World”. Any clues?

This is a fabulously obscure problem which is related to the lack of a reset signal for the LCD on Display-o-Tron 3000. If you power down and reboot your Pi/Dot3k combo it should work properly. The classic: “Have you tried turning it off and on again.”

I’ve never managed to replicate it consistently enough to figure out how to make it go away, but it’s a weird state the Display-o-Tron LCD gets into where everything is shifted off one character to the left.

I tried rebooting several times and even put it on the Pi 2 I received with the 3. Same deal. And to make things weirder, while the hello world example outputs “ello World”, the bargraph example outputs “llo World”. Consistently.

Hi guys,
Have exactly the same problem, pretty reliable. A fix would be really appreciated. Possible Pi3 issue?
Thanks, Dom

I don’t think I’ve got a Dot3K or DotHAT with me, but I believe @RogueM might have found a solution so we’ll probably have a fix out soon!

yes, I’m investigating the matter though as @gadgetoid said it’s not clear what exactly is the culprit.

for the time being, just enforce a reset of the cursor position straight after clearing the display, like so:


… at least it seems to help and provide reliable results here.