Displayotron 3000 font adjustment and c++


Hi all,
I was wondering if its possible to adjust the font size on the displayotron 3000, ideally to the point of 1 row of characters rather than 3.
Also, while ordinarily I would avoid c++, a project im currently working on requires it. Is there an easy way that displaying text from c++ is handled or should i dive into the internal workings of the displayotron code? I would only need to update the lcd between once per second and once per day (using it to display numbers for errors if they pop up in the project im working on).
thanks in advance for any help provided.


If you want to get to C++, the best place to start would be the Arduino driver, which you can browse here: https://github.com/Gadgetoid/doglcd-arduino/blob/master/DogLcd/DogLcd.cpp

The LCD on Display-o-Tron actually supports displaying double-height text, but not 3-line text. You can choose either the top, or the bottom two rows to display that double-height text.

If you want triple-line text you need to get creative with the 8 custom LCD characters. This is a not-particularly-great example of what I mean: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-TgKzXvCHZ8Q/UlqTbX2dNGI/AAAAAAAAAPQ/G5HCwPqO_Cw/s1600/IMG_5563.jpg

I did have double-height text supported on the Pi at one point, but it wasn’t particularly great and at the time tended to be a little unstable and weird, you can see the remnants of it at the bottom of the st7036 driver: https://github.com/pimoroni/st7036/blob/master/python/st7036.py

I’ll test it again at some point and port those functions over- double-height and auto-scroll would be nice-to-have for the more advanced user.