Does jackd go direct to hardware? and get all the equalizers/compressors and no clicks?

does jackd go direct to hardware? and then get all the equalizers/compressors and no clicks ? with a cli for all the plugins that would be great on whatever lite… (though guess could (need to) install full gui version just gui configure and save and then all headless will run OK (well until some eejot resets a config file in an update etc. eh!))

though think pulse has an old equaliser plugin probably compiled for x86 not arm though…

related to the phatbeat speakerphar speakerbonnet click problem…

(the gist of pulse from gadgetoid is good but still a wierdness of pulse clicking when it opens a new conversion source sink or is it alsa force closing its pulse sink)

I’ve never tried jackd- I’m not even entirely sure what it is/does, other than a vague idea that it’s some sort of audio routing system for “plugging” audio streams between applications. I guess that means it can sink, too?

The only way to completely, and safely, eliminate pops (apart from the one on startup) is to keep the i2s clock and the i2s frame sync (left/right clock) running continuously.

When do you get the pulse clicking weirdness? I haven’t explored much beyond my VLC radio setup, so I don’t know if there are edge-cases that could be solved with some config tweaks.