Does the Official 7'' touch screen support brininess control on Windows 10 IoT core


Does the driver of Official 7’’ touch screen support brininess control on Windows 10 IoT core? I am failed to control the brightness of touch screen in an UWP app via theBrightnessOverride Class.


Someone might be able to answer here, but you’ll probably be better served asking over at the MSDN forums. We don’t really use/support Windows IoT, and have no knowledge of/control over their drivers.


Thanks for the replying. Does you mean that the Official 7’’ touch screen doesn’t provided the driver for the Windows 10 IoT core? Please correct me if I misunderstood.


I’m not 100% sure. I believe Windows 10 IoT core supports the official 7" touchscreen, but the implementation details are entirely at the whim of Microsoft. As such no drivers at all are provided with the touchscreen- it’s up to individual distributions to incorporate them (although I believe they all rely on the same binary videocore driver blob from the Raspberry Pi foundation that handles redirecting the video out).