DOT3K FHEM Status Display


Hey guys :)

Currently I am working on a project, which allows me to show FHEM Status Messages on the DOT3K… Because of being a Python noob at the moment I have to figure out, how to send the information from FHEM to the display.´

Here is what the display should show:

  • Time on first row
  • status change of switches on 2. row (display backgroundcolor goes red when off and green when on for a few sec)
  • RadioText (Stream Info) when SRadio is playing (on 3. row)

So, if someone has an idea how to solve, please feel free to post a script ;) Until then I am try to push up my Python skills ;)

Greetz, Alex

Oh, by the way - My dot3k and the FHEM Server are both running on a Raspi B+


I’m not familiar with FHEM, and everything I can find seems to be in German for some reason- which I have a very basic grasp of, but not enough to make whipping up a script easy.

Looks like there are a few possible solutions- FHEM appears to be able to make system calls, like:

python -c "import dot3k.lcd;dot3k.lcd.write('Hello World')"

But it also supports Perl plugins, so the proper way might be to write a Perl plugin that sends messages over sockets to a Python server that updates dot3k- complicated!

Here’s an example of this concept put into practice: