Drum sounds Issue


Using a Piano Hat .

On the .wav file of drums, there are eight different sounds. Once it plays, there are only five sounds that works. Perhaps, the software might be an issue.

Tested all .wav files by typing aplay /home/pi/Pimoroni/pianohat/examples/sounds/drums/ (.wav)… on terminal app. All of them are working. Clap, crash,hat, hit, and rim are responded. Smash, thud, and ting are not responded. What it can get fixed?


PS Thanks Pimoroni for creating awesome Piano Hat.


Are you hitting the black keys, too? IIRC the drum sounds are mapped to the first 8 keys on the Piano: C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G




F,F#,G only LEDs shows but no sounds.

The most strange is piano from C to C are working well.

I believe I did reinstall Piano Hat app. The result is still the same issue.


hi,all i get sound from on my piano for drum is the first 3 white keys c,d,e and the first 2 black all the others do is light the led…i have mine hooked up with the drum hat and speaker phat on the phat stack,I cant remember if they worked when the piano was connected by itself to a Pi… i will test that out later maybe


Found the problem- a NOTE_OFFSET=3 value introduced to sync up the piano notes with the proper keys was aversely affecting the drums and losing 3 sounds.

Fixed in : https://github.com/pimoroni/Piano-HAT/commit/ec5db83f3fb5a48702e6c155f5161380fef52ded

You should grab the new simple-piano.py from here: https://github.com/pimoroni/Piano-HAT/blob/master/examples/simple-piano.py


Ah, I knew it has something wrong with codes. Though I don’t have any knowledge in coding. I am still learning in some of C and Python language. Sorry, that’s why I had to request support for my Piano Hat.

It works very well now. Many thanks, Gadgetoid.


How’s going with your Piano Hat now? Gadgetoid fixed the code.

Just need to edit in few commands in Python then you are ready to play all samples of Drum sounds.

In fact, I am planning to buy a Drum Hat instead of Rakit Drum Synth. Drum Hat can take many different samples to your likings. And maybe DAC phat. On pinout.xyz indicate one conflict. I will take a risk and see what happen. It would be interesting to experiment. :)


thanks for the info ,i will check it out tomorrow, I also have the drum hat ,speaker phat ,using …
this setup. https://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/sandyj/build-an-itty-bitty-beat-box


tested it out last night seems to work better now but it looks like the led’s got brighter ,but might just be my eyes, i will retest on another pi setup using the old file tonight