Envirophat has stopped responding

I had it installed monitoring conditions for my plants, and I think it has got hit with some spray (fine mist) from the watering bottle. I replaced it with my spare envirophat, and everything is working fine, so… I guess I have killed something on my board? How can I determine what it is that has stopped working? And can I replace it? I have rework station handy, and I could do with the practise…

Have you tried it after it dried out? You could also clean it with isopropyl alcohol and a tooth brush, cross your fingers, then try it again when the alcohol dries up and evaporates.
Plugging it in and running sudo i2cdetect -y 1 will tell you if a sensor is not working or if i2c has stopped working. I’m not sure how you’d check SPI other than trying to display something on the LCD.