Eureka Small Machines > Build your own Lion kit

hi there - having a problem with my small machines ‘build your own lion’ kit recently purchase from you

I have email small machines and had no reply - please help

original message below, minus the attached photos

Hello I’m having a problem completing my Eureka! / Small Machines ‘Build your own Lion’ kit

Me and my daughter got to step 11 in the instructions and found the square dowl ‘crankshaft’ part too big a fit for the cams . …

thanks if you could explain our error or contact me to arrange a spare part - this is a christmas present we are keen to complete!

hopefully the pictures attached will complement my description


Can you email, please, and we can arrange for a replacement?

Hi there - since my original message, Giles Grover has contacted me and offered to send replacement parts

hopefully that will be problem solved!



Great stuff! Glad it worked out.