Find your vinyl records with the pan-tilt HAT

Introducing ‘Vinyltin’ - the vinyl shelf finder :)

So this is a Raspberry Pi Zero W with the Pan-Tilt HAT via the solderless mount, in combination with a web app written in Node.js

It allows me to manage my record collection and find records in a vertical shelf. The pan-tilt has a laser on top that I use to light up the position of the desired vinyl.

The pan-tilt proved disappointingly inaccurate due to its cheap servo motors. A better solution would be to use stepper motors but that’s more complicated. Still, I had fun putting all this together!


As I was reading, I was waiting for you to say something like this. I’d be afraid of giving control of a laser over to those cheap servos :D

Still, fantastic work! That’s a really novel and creative idea.

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