Garden Breakout with SPI + I2C for NeoTrellis

I had posted on Discord and seems lack of communication. This Pimoroi forum seems much better for a faster respond. Here what I have written on Discord.

Few days ago, I entered Adafruit on Discord to ask some questions about Adafruit VS1053B board that might be a solution for my Neotrellis M4 as stand-alone synthesizer or so. It turned out that Adafruit VS1053 is SPI not i2C. Because of neotrellis M4 has a STEMMA port which is SDA, SCL, GND, and VCC. Then, my mind popped up… wait a minute Pimoroni Garden Breakout might be solution to use SD card breakout since it has both SPI and I2C… However, it focuses on Python language which I am more into C /C++ language using Arduino IDE ( well, more likely plug and play person). Anyway, is it possible to use Garden Breakout? Let me know. Do not worry if the answer is not possible won’t discourage me. Just do not want to have a false hope.

I drool on Synthstrom Deluge but the price is spiky. No velocity sensor. Neotrellis M4 is nice size, 32 buttons, accelerometer, and neopixel colorful are sufficient. What the most cool is about this- open source.

If Garden breakout with SPI and i2c is not possible, I have a 3.7 Class D amplifier module by Adafruit that has been left dust for long time- I am going to try hook up and use DIY lipo battery. Shall see what happen. The reason I really like sd card is more storage than rely on internal RAM.

Well, happy Friday and happy hackings

I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re trying to do here. You’ve a Neotrellis M4 and wanted to connect it to the VS1053B so that the VS can be the sound output of the Neotrellis, is that right? But the VS needs a SPI connection, whereas the Neotrellis only has i2c. I’m not sure what you’re asking about the Breakout Garden.

The Garden boards just break out the SPI and i2c ports on the Raspberry Pi into physical connectors, they don’d add SPI or i2c ports and the SPI and i2c ports don’t communicate with each other in any way.

Yes yes. You understand me. Aww, bummer. Thank you for your respond.

It’s odd that they didn’t break out a SPI bus on it, it definitely has one. At any rate i2c is generally slower than SPI so it may not work for audio, depending on the quality.