Geothermal Livestock Water Tank Temp Activated Pump

I want to build my first Internet of things device that will have a temperature sensor in the water tank for my herd of Tibetan Yaks such that when the water drops below say 40 degrees F then a relay will turn on my 12v DC pump and cause water in a closed loop buried tank that is 55 degrees to be circulated through a heat exchanger and raise the temp of their drinking water to say 45 degrees and then shut off. Additionally, I would like to be able to track the temperature in the tank remotely so I will need to add some sort of yagi antenna to it to contact my wifi at the house 700’ away with clear line of sight. Everything will need to be powered off a car battery which has a charge controller and solar panel. (I figured I can use a cigarette lighter to USB and then power the device and then the relay would tell the pump to turn on and it would be wired directly to the car battery). And since I am going through the effort to build this contraption and will hopefully have wifi, it would be nice to add a camera to send a picture once a minute so I can count that the right number of yaks are in the corral! Being new to all of this, I was on Adafruit website and figured I would use a Raspberry Pi3 and came across this HAT
Does this sound like a feasible project to build? Any suggestions are appreciated, I am brand new to this. Thanks.

Woah - that’s a pretty cool project!

To save yourself building an antenna, you could use the adafruit feather system. They have a main board with LoRA radio on and some relay addons. You can even have them powered off a battery with solar to charge it - but you’d need a separate power system for the pump. I think they also make breakout boards for the LoRA chips so you could probably hook them up to a pi with automation hat.