Get i2c script troubles

I am following the explorer hat shift register leaning portal article and when running this command curl | bash it tells me I need to run sudo./ or something about root user. If i continue with learning portal article the script doesn’t work. This is the only install with an error message so I assumed it was the problem.



I assume you are talking about this:

if so, that article is a bit out of date… if the problem is:

curl | bash
sudo apt-get install python-smbus
git clone
cd explorer-hat/library
sudo python install

you can replace all of that with just:

curl | bash

let me know if it’s something else in this article that causes you trouble.

ah, I am mistaken, @sandyjmacdonald ShiftRegister class has not made it into the main repo.

still, the issue is mostly that the i2c script can’t be called like that directly at this point, but you can do:

curl | sudo bash

so, passing the script downloaded using curl to bash but with elevated privileges, hence the extra ‘sudo’.

Ah great thanks for the work I didn’t know where to put the sudo?



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