Got 20% off an octocam

… today. YAY

A great shame it was at Maplin in their closing down sale! BOOOOOOOO

PWC have done a very poor job (no job at all) at trying to keep the business going!!!

RIP Maplin

Yeah :( The writing has been on the wall for Maplin for many, many, many years. They just don’t do anything to differentiate themselves from the behemoth alternatives out there, and basically became synonymous with “I really need this now and don’t mind paying 5x the price”.

It’s a shame! I enjoyed looping around our local Maplin on visits to the city centre. Although it’s telling that I rarely bought anything. It was nice to see things I’d helped make, or designed outright, on real highstreet shelves.

Hope you enjoy your Octocam!

I remember when they only had a handfull of shops and you could get the catalogue from Smiths! It really worried me when the kept opening up new shops! They should have stopped at arround 50! One per county plus extra if needed! For buying components (and cheap multimeters) they WILL be missed!

As with all retail businesses now the real problem is overly rapid expansion which makes use of “prime” rental units which is a constant drain! Especially in “mall” type situations! When Staples (UK) went under, for one unit alone they were paying at least £10k in rental … a week!!!

£10k a WEEK!? They must have sold a lot of pencils!