GrowHAT sensor input not working

Hi there,
I recently got a GrowHAT and managed to install everything as explained. Initially everything worked fine, but after playing around with the channel settings, the third channel no longer works. I tested the sensor in another channel and everything is fine. So the issue might be the channel itself.
I checked the settings in the /etc/default/grow file and all the channels are set to the same values.

Any ideas?

Might be a dry joint on the connector on the HAT? If you’re confident with a soldering iron you could try reheating it to see if it rejoins, but if you’d rather not drop us an email into support and we’ll get a replacement sorted for you. Sorry to hear it’s stopped working properly!

I gave the soldering option a go and also re-installed everything from scratch. One of those (most likely the full re-install, since the soldered contacts looked fine) did the trick and my GrowHAT is back to fully functional.
Just re-installing the GrowHAT routines did not work, but re-formatting the SD card and starting with a fresh OS worked. Yay!