How do I get the lcd.write ("blah blah") to refresh every ex amount of time as im using a varible

Title says it all how can I refresh every 0.5 seconds so the varibles update. Thanks

You’ll need to post some code for context. Right now the question is a little bit “how long is a piece of string.”

I am wanting to display the time on my Display O Tron hat and when I run it only stays on the same time eg 14:44:44 and dosent refresh same with CPU temps how do I get it to refresh every 0.5 seconds. I have tried "while True: lcd.write (timenow) and it just writes the time all over the screen all 3 rows and dosent refresh and im just wanting to know a way to get it to refresh. Thanks

Sounds like you were on the right track. Try adding an lcd.clear() before your lcd.write(timenow)

And to be clear it won’t flicker or anything also do you know how to format the lines like LCD.write(“Temp”, temperature,“Pres:”, pressure "\n etc. Because when I use the comma to separate like in print it says unexpected more than one argument also can’t figure out how to do new line

You should use .format() like, for example:

line = "Temp: {temp}, Pres: {pres}\n".format(temp=temperature, pres=pressure)