How does font shaping/hinting work on the inky impression?

I am working on creating a font to work nicely on the inky impression as my MA project in type design. Loading my testing fonts to the inky to render them, it’s clear that there is some issue with the hinting, or font shaping, as in sizes below 24-28 px, stems are different weights even within single letters.

I am wondering if someone, certainly from the Pimoroni staff, has any clear information as to how the inky’s rasteriser handles hinting information. Reading the documentation it appears that it uses the FreeType rasteriser through PIL, although there is no clear information as to what configuration Freetype is set to.

My question is, will hinting information embedded in fonts (specifically autohinting for a TrueType font, or information from the PostScript hinting table for an OpenType font) be respected by the rasteriser on the Inky Impression? Or is it forcing the FreeType Autohinting engine?