How to wipe SD card?

Anyone has an issue with wiping SD card? I am having a difficult to get clean the sd card from Samplerbox image. Just got a Pirate Audio Headphone Amplifier. By the way, the amplifier board is beautiful! High recommend. Anyway, I was planning to use the module with display ready. Samplebox image turned out it is read-only. I had attempted using Disk Utility to erase. Failed. Hambug! I decided to ignore that SD card of SamplerBox in order to focus my old Raspberry Pi Stretch to Buster (another SD card) to play around with Pirate Audio Headphone for now until I see anyone post have a similar experience struggle wipe SD card to get refresh image.

The Raspberry Pi Imager should wipe it and replace the OS with PiOS?
Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi

On a windows PC clean all should do it from diskpart. Just be very careful you select the correct drive.

I did tried to use Raspberry Pi Imager could not wipe because it is write-protected/readonly.

::put the white flag in the deepest ground::

I surrender!!! It looks like I had to trash the whole SD card to get new one. It is PNY and the adapter is unlocked. I do not understand why it was set as read-only.

No matter how hard to rid of read-only SD card. Impossible to trick.

On Mac- Attempted 1: " sudo diskutil unmountDisk force"

Attempted 2: sudo diskutil eraseDisk FAT32 BOOT MBRFormat /dev/disk2s1"

On Windows- Attempted 1: “DISKPART> attributes disk clear readonly”

Attempted 2: DISKPART> format fs=ntfs quick"


One of the failure mods of SD cards is to go read only. It’s fairly rare but it happens.
If it is flagged as read only software wise this should wipe it.
SD Memory Card Formatter - SD Association (

Done that- it is still block because of write-protected. I had decided to keep Samplerbox SD card because it is still function to connect the KeyStep 37. My sons heard through Raspberry Pi audio jack but it was very quiet and not much good quality. For me, I hear nothing since I am Deaf or “barely” hard of hearing but prefer label myself Deaf. That is why I bought Pirate Audio Headphone amplifier to hear better- I hope. I did use my sweet headphone amplifier altoid (built by Biosciencegeek used to sell on eBay but no longer selling, I guess) to connect Raspberry Pi’s audio jack I hear some but it does not good vibrate in my ears so apparently onboard raspberry pi 3+ board sounds very awful.

It looks like I need to go SamplerBox forums to get some help soon. From what I understand that the SamplerBox image is a file-system in order to prevent from being corrupted, I need to type “mount -o remount, rw/” able to write but I see blank when I type SamplerBox/ Argh! All I need to figure it out how to add config.txt "
gpio=25=op,dh" to enable Pirate Audio Headphone amp. That’s all I need to know how to do that first. Then later experimenting with st7789 to learn how it works and change code snippet from their 16 x 2 display with buttons. We shall see how it goes :)