Hyperpixel trackpad

Is there a way to use the touch screen as sort of a trackpad?

It’s a bit unlucky the pointer is hidden under your fingers when you try to point out a smaller objects.

There are great solutions on mobile phones (e.g. VNC) even with a dynamic engine for acceleration that lets you forget the handicap of a small screen.

Use a stylus instead of your finger? It’s an issue even on bigger screens. I have the Pi foundation 7 inch screen and at times, its tricky getting just the spot I want with my nubby finger. Capacitive touch makes that tricky though as any old stylus won’t work. I have a stylus but its not what you would call fine tip. Still better than my finger though. The fine tip capacitive touch ones that I’ve found were on the pricy side. Mostly Apple ones. =(

Short answer: yes

But you would have to hack on the Python code and write the driver yourself. It’s not a bad idea, either, although it’s not much use without a larger display to control.

It‘s incredible what you can do with this technic on a small display. Have a look at a vnc session to raspbian pixel desktop, or a windows session with microsoft RD Client. If one also include pitch to zoom you can do everything with a small screen.

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