Hyperpixel4 screen rotate in initialisation .c file rotation


I am doing a project using the PYNQ-Z2 fpga design board http://www.tul.com.tw/ProductsPYNQ-Z2.html

The hyper pixel 4" screen 800x480 pixel screen is the hardware I have been assigned to use for the visual output.
I was wondering if you could help me out with the setup orientation.

I have broken down the setup initialisation of the screen fromhttps://github.com/pimoroni/hyperpixel/blob/master/sources/hyperpixel-init.c the only difference is that I am using the commands array :
int32_t commands = {
0x0ff, 0x1ff, 0x198, 0x106, 0x104, 0x101, 0x008, 0x110,
0x021, 0x109, 0x030, 0x102, 0x031, 0x100, 0x040, 0x110,
0x041, 0x155, 0x042, 0x102, 0x043, 0x109, 0x044, 0x107,
0x050, 0x178, 0x051, 0x178, 0x052, 0x100, 0x053, 0x16d,
0x060, 0x107, 0x061, 0x100, 0x062, 0x108, 0x063, 0x100,
0x0a0, 0x100, 0x0a1, 0x107, 0x0a2, 0x10c, 0x0a3, 0x10b,
0x0a4, 0x103, 0x0a5, 0x107, 0x0a6, 0x106, 0x0a7, 0x104,
0x0a8, 0x108, 0x0a9, 0x10c, 0x0aa, 0x113, 0x0ab, 0x106,
0x0ac, 0x10d, 0x0ad, 0x119, 0x0ae, 0x110, 0x0af, 0x100,
0x0c0, 0x100, 0x0c1, 0x107, 0x0c2, 0x10c, 0x0c3, 0x10b,
0x0c4, 0x103, 0x0c5, 0x107, 0x0c6, 0x107, 0x0c7, 0x104,
0x0c8, 0x108, 0x0c9, 0x10c, 0x0ca, 0x113, 0x0cb, 0x106,
0x0cc, 0x10d, 0x0cd, 0x118, 0x0ce, 0x110, 0x0cf, 0x100,
0x0ff, 0x1ff, 0x198, 0x106, 0x104, 0x106, 0x000, 0x120,
0x001, 0x10a, 0x002, 0x100, 0x003, 0x100, 0x004, 0x101,
0x005, 0x101, 0x006, 0x198, 0x007, 0x106, 0x008, 0x101,
0x009, 0x180, 0x00a, 0x100, 0x00b, 0x100, 0x00c, 0x101,
0x00d, 0x101, 0x00e, 0x100, 0x00f, 0x100, 0x010, 0x1f0,
0x011, 0x1f4, 0x012, 0x101, 0x013, 0x100, 0x014, 0x100,
0x015, 0x1c0, 0x016, 0x108, 0x017, 0x100, 0x018, 0x100,
0x019, 0x100, 0x01a, 0x100, 0x01b, 0x100, 0x01c, 0x100,
0x01d, 0x100, 0x020, 0x101, 0x021, 0x123, 0x022, 0x145,
0x023, 0x167, 0x024, 0x101, 0x025, 0x123, 0x026, 0x145,
0x027, 0x167, 0x030, 0x111, 0x031, 0x111, 0x032, 0x100,
0x033, 0x1ee, 0x034, 0x1ff, 0x035, 0x1bb, 0x036, 0x1aa,
0x037, 0x1dd, 0x038, 0x1cc, 0x039, 0x166, 0x03a, 0x177,
0x03b, 0x122, 0x03c, 0x122, 0x03d, 0x122, 0x03e, 0x122,
0x03f, 0x122, 0x040, 0x122, 0x052, 0x110, 0x053, 0x110,
0x0ff, 0x1ff, 0x198, 0x106, 0x104, 0x107, 0x018, 0x11d,
0x017, 0x122, 0x002, 0x177, 0x026, 0x1b2, 0x0e1, 0x179,
0x0ff, 0x1ff, 0x198, 0x106, 0x104, 0x100, 0x03a, 0x160,
0x035, 0x100, 0x011, 0x100, -1, 0x029, 0x100, -1

I cannot for the life of me find the source of this command but it works for the setup and the one in the link does not work for the setup.

I was wondering if you could put me in touch with someone who could let me know what part of the command is required to be edited to initialise the screen with a 90 degrees rotation.
Kind regards
Oliver Forbes-Shaw