I hate the end of January!


Reason being so much to remember to do.
Tax and MOT the car.
Sort out something for my wedding anniversary.
Youngest grandchild and his dads birthdays.


I feel you. Tax return! And it has to be paid up-front because I never get it in early enough.

Also I’m so tired. What’s with this weather! Can we just all hibernate?


Sympathy here too! The MOT for my car falls just after the middle of Jan. £540 this year.


Tax was easy, needed renewing before MOT ran out.
Mot was a bargain as well, got a half price offer from Halfords and although the car is an 08 plate sailed straight though without even an advisory… Keeps my faith in Japanese technology.
Wedding Anniversary sorted as well (next week)


That’s it, rub it in! :)

Halfords do MOTs? Mine’s Japanese too, but an 07 plate. To be fair, nothing major, but quite a lot of wear and tear added up.

Congrats on the anniversary.


Jimboh I can also see the other side of the coin because my car is a Jap Import and all spares have to be ordered from Japan (get them through Subaru Uk but special order and price and can take up to a month to arrive)


I guess that does complicate things if you need a part urgently. Subaru are supposed to be very reliable though, aren’t they? I remember the Forester having a good reputation for that way back when. My local garage umm’d and ahhh’d a bit about getting hold of shock absorber for a Suzuki. They keep telling me my MOT and repairs would be cheaper if I had a Ford!