Inky wHat image skewed

Hi the image on my Inky wHat is skewed in the middle, the top and bottom of display look Ok but the middle seems to be offset, not sure if the attached ‘name badge’ image explains.

I have just bought the unit on eBay, it was sealed in it’s box and appears new, when it arrived the pre-installed image was correctly aligned, but maybe that image is uploaded before it is attached to the PCB?

Is this a software issue, or hardware issue, I did consider trying to re-attach the ribbon cable but I couldn’t see an easy way to do that.


Could this be a power thing?
I tested again today with a different power brick and it only skewed top and bottom half, however after fiddling a bit it reverted to skewing in 4 sections of screen.
But with this power brick the unit will not ‘auto detect’ so I have to specify device explicitly, however I suppose it could be nothing to do with power brick, maybe unit is simply breaking down in different ways?

Here is another image, where top part of display seems OK (ignoring yellow part) but bottom half is skewed. Using original power brick (so I can probably discount that as an issue) and initialising using parameterless auto(), again I have no idea if that is part of the issue.