Install Picadehat by mistake

I have an older Picade arcade machine and I haven’t used it in a while. I was downloading some saturn games but could’t get them to work so I had to do some changes to retropie to get it to launch. I accidentally installed the PicadeHat software on to my install and now the audio doesn’t work and I get a bar coming up saying Aurduino LLC Arduino Leonardo (9025/32822) not configured and also Audio Samples not found error. Please can someone help me to get it functioning again. My linux knowledge is limited and I hope by removing the PicadeHat software may fix this as my Arcade has a separate board that says Picade on it and is attached to the Pi by USB

If it was this software.

You could try the following
git clone
cd picade-hat
Run the unstaller:
sudo ./

Here is the link that I installed

curl -sS | bash
How do I delete this without having to rebuild the retropie image

I ran the commands you suggested and now no games run. Emulation Station starts up but when you choose a rom the screen goes completely blank and nothing happens

That sucks, I wasn’t expecting that to happen. It’s hard to know what some of this stuff does or doesn’t do.
Now you likely need to rerun the correct installer(s) for the hardware you have.
Some settings in config.txt etc likely got put back to defaults.

Thanks anyway for at least giving me a steer in the right direction. I am just going to do a complete new install of RetroPie on the card. I have the ROMs backed up so that should solve it.

That can end up being a faster fix in the long run. And no guessing about as to what’s broken.